Marion W. Green Memorial Scholarship Fund

marianGreen Marion W. Green Memorial Scholarship Fund

Marion W. Green, a retired Scio school teacher, established this award to encourage graduates of the Scio Central School District to continue their education. This award recognizes those who are committed to suing their education to improve their communities.

The Marion W. Green Gift for Commitment to the Community recognizes and awards the kind of community commitment in young people that underlies many successful careers, and is provided to help ensure that such dedicated people from Scio complete their education. It is an unusual award: in addition to a grant for current educational costs, it also provided a one-time award in the form of a permanent investment account plus financial counseling to help maximize future financial success. The scholarship may be given to a junior or senior in college or to a student in graduate school. The grant for current costs may be payable over one or two years.

Maturity, a commitment to sharing skills and resources, and a desire to help others learn are important factors in the selection process.

In the Picture:  Nicole Ramsey, 2014 Marion Green Memorial Scholarship Recipient.