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The Allegany County Area Foundation and the Allegany County United Way are collaborating through Community Relief Funds to more effectively assist Allegany County residents in this time of unique challenge

Allegany County

Community Relief Fund

The Allegany County United Way and Allegany County Area Foundation are collaborating to provide timely, efficient assistance to those hurt by the Coronavirus pandemic.

ACUW and ACAF are establishing Community Relief Funds (CRF). These individual funds will be aggregated for the purposes of grant making and will assist local community-based non-profit organizations working to help individuals and families as they deal with COVID-19-related economic disruption. By pooling our resources and knowledge of Allegany County communities and agencies and using a combined grant committee we can move more quickly to target our grants to where need is greatest, and avoid duplication.

ACAF and ACUW and are each devoting several thousand dollars to this project. We invite the public to help build these funds.

Grant makers around NY are finding this collaborative approach to be very effective and provide excellent models for this ACAF/ACUW effort.

Click HERE to visit the Allegany County United Way website.

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Grant Eligibility
Grants will be made only to 501(c)(3) organizations, groups sponsored by a 501(c)(3) organization able to receive a tax-deductible contribution (schools, faith-based organizations and other public entities). Organizations located in or primarily serving Allegany County may apply.

Areas of Focus (list of grant recipients below)
We anticipate two potential phases of support. Initial funding will go to organizations providing for the immediate and emerging needs listed below. Our funding is intended to complement the work of government and other funding source, to expand local capacity. ACUW/ACAF funds will not be awarded in duplication of other funds received or anticipated, except where this funding is demonstrably insufficient or will not arrive in time to address immediate needs.
Priority will be given to requests that address the following concerns:
• Food security
• Services for vulnerable populations, including older adults
• Childcare
• Mental health and wellbeing
• Other basic human needs
• Helping nonprofits with re-opening expenses (e.g., PPE)

Through September 2020, the following organizations have received grants through the CRF: Cuba Cultural Center, Salvation Army, YMCA of Wellsville, all 17 Allegany County libraries, Allegany County Historical Society, Hart Comfort House, Fillmore Strong Food Program, Alfred State College Food Pantry, and Cooperative Extension (Clover Aid Program).

Application and Review process
• At this time, requests will only be considered for efforts that align with the priorities listed above. The grant committee will be mindful of supporting non-profits serving communities throughout the county.
• Requests are accepted through ACAF’s online grant application website and will be reviewed as received. Interested non-profits can contact the ACUW or ACAF offices if they have questions. The grant committee includes representation from ACUW and ACAF board and staff.
• The directors of ACUW and ACAF are in weekly conference contact with a large group county-based agencies and non-profits, which provides up to date information regarding local needs. Additionally, the Combined Grant Committee will consult as needed with local government agencies and nonprofit organizations to prioritize grants and ensure coordination with other funding sources.
• Grantees will be listed on the ACCF and ACUW websites
• Final reports outlining the use of funds and documenting related expenses will be required of grant recipients.

See the Apply for a Grant Button below to start an application

Your generous contribution provides immediate support to Allegany County residents, through our local non-profits, during this time of disruption and economic distress associated with COVID-19.

To ensure we provide funding as effectively and efficiently as possible, we are not considering restricted donations (that is, funds that may only be given to a specific organization) to the CSF.

You can donate online via credit card or PayPal through this website or the Allegany County United Way. See the FAQ for where to request more information or send a donation by mail.

Donations to the ACAF or ACUW Community Relief Fund can also be made in person (drive through) at the Community Bank branch at 4196 Bolivar Road in Wellsville.




Where can I send a donation or request additional information?

Here are the addresses and contacts for the ACUW and ACAF

United Way of Allegany County
PO Box 15
103 N Main St., Suite 3
Wellsville, NY 14895
Mandi Phelps

Allegany County Area Foundation
Crossroads Center
6087 State Route 19
Belmont, NY 14813
Bruce Campbell

Is there a geographic area of focus for the fund?

Grants will be directed to provide support in Allegany County. An organization in a neighboring county that provide services to residents in Allegany County, will be considered for a grant so long as monies received from the Community Support Fund are used solely to assist residents of Allegany County.

When will you share who you fund?

As grants are made, recipients and a description of the services and support they are providing will be published on the ACAF and UWAC websites. We will also be working to publicize grants in the local media.

Should I give to this Fund instead of making other donations?

The Community Support Fund is not intended to be the primary vehicle for local support but rather to enhance effectiveness for donors (in terms of UWAC and ACAF understanding local needs) and coordination for UWAC and ACAF as grant providers.

This is a challenging time for many county residents and for the nonprofit organizations that have benefited from your giving in the past. Many have had to cancel annual fundraising events, so we encourage you to please continue to give to organizations you regularly support. If you are in a position to do so, now is the time increase your community giving.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please contact the Allegany County Area Foundation or the Allegany County United Way if you need additional information.


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