The Foundation offers an opportunity for everyone to invest in worthwhile community endeavors. Gifts and bequests come from individuals, corporations, trusts and estates. Persons may give money or securities during their lifetime or may name the Foundation in their will as the beneficiary of all or a portion of their estate. Because of the Foundation’s permanent nature, memorials gifts are especially appropriate.

We welcome your inquiries and those of your accountant, attorney or tax advisor.

May 1, 2015 to June 31, 2016

The Foundation gratefully acknowledges gifts received from the following individual and organization donors from May 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016.
Our Donors
Allegany County Cancer Services Fund
Cuba Legacy Fund
Allegany County Cancer Services
Cuba Pharmacy
Daniel and Anne Acton
Cuba Chamber of Commerce, Inc.
Allegany Fund
William G. Enos
Kalope Jamesson
Belfast Lions Club
Nancy C. Weatherley
Thomas Brown
Dennis Amore Scholarship Fund
Mary-Lou Cartledge
Jason Amore
Anne Church
Friendship Central School
James and Pauletta Copenheaver
Terri Garmong
James and Delores Cross
Charles McCarthy
Cuba Senior Citizens
Bryan Robinson
Kevin and Lori Dzielski
Stephen Stayer
Warren and Connie Emerson
Dr. Robert Hutter Scholarship Fund
William G. Enos
Warren and Connie Emerson
Jane Foster
General Scholarship Fund
Kenneth and Geralyn Gough
Allegany County Deputy Sheriff’s Dept.
David and Leslie Haggstrom
County Supervisors & Mayor’s Assoc.
Richard and Virginia Halberg
Nyhl and Linda Austin
William & Patricia Lacourse
John and Laurel Buckwalter
Preston and Pauline Lucas
Carol Bush
Sylvia Masin
Kenneth and Arline Canfield
Patricia Oliver
Larry and Deborah Clark
Jillian Pleakis
Cuba Central School Class of 1951
Peter and Mary Lou Sprague
Charles and Jean Cutler
Jeremy and Dawn Wildrick-Cole
Dominic and Donna   Di Girolamo
Herb and Karen Williams
Susan DiBiase
Angelica Free Library Fund
Bessie Dillon
David and Leslie Haggstrom
Dennis and Ruth Doell
Maureen Kelley
Warren and Connie Emerson
Ann Barwick Swift Nursing Scholarship
Federated Clover
Ellsworth R. Swift
Carrie Flanagan-Watson
Ann Swift Nursing Scholarship Fund
John and Carol Flurschutz
Ellsworth R. Swift
William Fraser
Betty Embser Wattenberg
Gail Goetschius
Community Service Scholarship
Herbert and Marcia Heintz
Beverly Armstrong
Richard and Kathleen Hollis
Darrell and Pamela Bump
Kent and Sherri Johnson
Brian & Marlee Cannon
Pamela J. Kirkwood
Larry and Deborah Clark
Preston and Pauline Lucas
Wendy Cline
Troy and Susan Martin
Maureen Cooper
Steven and Joy Mientkiewicz
William and Ann Cronin
Carolyn Miller
Denis and Colleen Dahlgren
Robert Mountain
John and Wanda Dean
Outsource Receivables Management, Inc.
Bert R. Dohl
Kenneth and Judy Van Dine
Tom and Nancy Downs
William and Joan Veley
Susan Embser
Marilyn Vreeland
Warren and Connie Emerson
John and Annette White
Bonnie Enke
Sally Wild
Bonnie J. Enke
Jeremy and Dawn Wildrick-Cole
Kathy Farnsworth
Paul and Deborah Young
Ronald Foley
George & Irene Fisk   Scholarship
Alan and Diane Forsberg
Ardean and Anne Wells
Beth Green
Hobart Rhinehart Scholarship Fund
Stephen Brendan Hagenbuch
Mary A. Edson
Kevin and Jeanne Harris
Lee Gridley
Jane Jamison
James & Deborah McGrath
Marion Johnson
Cattaraugus-Allegany Retiree Division
L. Chandler Whitford
NYSUT Retiree Council No. 4
Andras & Louise Lakatos
Ian Gregory Bole Scholarship Fund
Legal Assistance of WNY, Inc.
Gregory and Kelly Bole
Hari Mandirsingh
Constellation Brands U.S. Operations, Inc.
Carolyn Miller
Allegany County Chamber of Commerce
Ann K. Moore
Douglas and Janet Rhodes
Brian and Amanda Oglesbee
Joseph Presutti Scholarship Fund
Carla Orosz & Family
Allegany County Courts Employees
Katherine Randall
Warren and Connie Emerson
Patience Reagan
Lenard Presutti
James Richardson & Deborah Richardson
Karen Kunz Scholarship Fund
Constantine and Rheba Rigas
Michael and Marjanne Kunz
Robert Russell
Leadership Allegany Scholarship
James Paul Spellicy
Rodney Bennett
Senta Streeter
David and Leslie Haggstrom
Nina Tarr
Jeremy and Dawn Wildrick-Cole
John G. Teichmoeller
Norbert Shear Memorial Fund
Joan Teshima
Isabelle Wattenberg
John and Mary Thibdeau
General Operating Fund
Dorothy Thomas
Rodney Bennett
Madelyn Thornton
Jeremy and Dawn Wildrick-Cole
Alan and Margaret Towers
Carolyn Miller
Jane Warren
Road to the Future
Esther Wattenberg
 Scholarship Fund
Jill White
Highway Superintendents’ Association
Bob Christian Fund
Scholarship Program Fund
Rodney Bennett
Bank of America
Warren and Connie Emerson
SPCA Serving Allegany County
Leo Murphy Jr.
Warren and Connie Emerson
Celebrate Service Celebrate Allegany
Kevin and Melissa Habberfield
Cuba Pharmacy
Doris MacFarquhar
Cuba Pharmacy
Susan F. Myers Endowment Fund
Otis Eastern Service, LLC
John Mowry
Steuben Trust Company (Wellsville)
Wellsville Rotary Club Scholarships
Swain Resort
Wellsville Rotary Club
United Way of Allegany County
Lee Gridley
Cuba-Rushford Toys for Kids Fund
William Farnsworth Scholarship
Cuba Chamber of Commerce, Inc.
Judith Emery
Michael and Marjanne Kunz
Memorial gifts allow family and friends to pay special tribute to loved ones. The following individuals were remembered through thoughtful gifts to the Foundation from May 1, 2015—June 30, 2016.
Dennis Amore Father Francis Jann
Leora Anderson Margaret & Leonard Kelley
Judith A. Barrett Fred Kolakowski
Ian Gregory Bole Karen Kunz
Bob Christian William P. Leilous
James R. Cross Laura C. McNiel
David M. Curran Monica B. Mills
Phyllis M. Daley Susan Foster Myers
Julie Ann Tavernier DiSanto Sharon M. Myers
Joyce Enderle Dana R. Pickup Jr.
Bryon Enos Joseph A. Presutti
Hon. James E. Euken Richard Rees
Loretta O. Evans Hobart Rhinehart
Harlan C. Evans Marie E. Rigby
William F. Farnsworth Victor M. Roberts
Gary C. Fiegl Virginia C. Schroeder
William “Bill” Fox Vernelle S. Shannon
Catherine Fraser Donald G. Skroback
Ronald E. Gillette Francis B. Smith
Janice M. Hatch Linda M. Snyder
Carol M. Hevron Mae Stevens
Theodore L. Hopkins Ann Swift
Marcus Hoshal Elizabeth Wattenberg
Dr. Robert G. Hutter Jean E. Wilson

Tributes make great gifts in honor of an individual’s special achievement or service to the community. The following individuals have been honored this past year through gifts made on their behalf.

Veronica O. Barber Carolyn J. Miller
Robert Christian Pamela Rohrabacher
Hon. James E. Euken Jackson L. & Faith Stewart
Alice K. Frost Kristin van der Ploeg
Richard Halberg
David C. Brautigam, Warren & Connie Emerson, and Denis Dahlgren.

May 1, 2014 to April 30,2015

The Foundation gratefully acknowledges gifts received from the following individual and organization donors from May 1,2014 through April 30, 2015.
Our Donors
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Acton Jane Jamison
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Alessi Kent Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. William Allis Lorraine Joyce
Rose Ambriez Jonathon G. Kaiser
Anonymous Glenn Kinkade
Nyhl Austin Michaelo Kunz
Harry Beaver Richard Lanborg
Rodney Bennett Barbara Laverty
A. Berkey Marilyn Lester
Gregory Bole William Liberatore
Sylvia Bosworth Brian Loucks
Thomas Brown Judy Loughlin
Robert G. Burdick Mr. & Mrs. Preston Lucas
Carol Y. Bush Jacquelyn Manis
Harvey Butler Dolly Marks
Bertha Caito Charles Massey
Dr. Kenneth & Penny Canfield Suzanne Matthews
Duane Carr Mr. and Mrs. James D. Maxim
William Carr James E. McGrath
Mary Lou Cartledge Joseph P. Miller
Anne Church Carolyn Miller
Larry C. and Deborah Clark Polly Moore
Zoe Coombs Jon Morris
James & Pauletta Copenheaver Lynda Luckey Moses
Curtis and Cathy Crandall John Mowry
Mr. and Mrs. James Cross Alan Myers
Leo Cusumano Philip Myers
Denis & Colleen Dahlgren Lisa O’Connell
Ruth Davis Patricia Oliver
Dominic and Donna DiGirolamo Karen Perrigo
Susan DiBiase Jillian Pleakis
Mr. and Mrs. John Doyle Sue Poor
Andrew Dutcher Lenard Presutti
Kevin and Lori Dzielski David Pullen
Dorothy Early Mr. and Mrs. Steve Raub
Warren & Connie Emerson Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Rhodes
Gerard Engh David Scholes
William G. Enos Mrs. Wesley Serra
William Farrell Marilyn Simms
Melodie Farwell Harry Spencer
Daryle E. Foster Mr. and Mrs. Peter Sprague
Percy Foster Majorie Strahan
Jane Foster Rita Suda
William Fraser Sandra Svoboda
Susan Gardner Donna Sweet
Heather Garrish Thomas Taylor
Janice R. Gleason Judith Toner
Dave Golden Gifford Van Allen
Geralyn M. Gough Gary Van Pulis
Lee Gridley Nico VanZwanenberg
Kevin Habberfield Mr. and Mrs. William Veley
David and Leslie Haggstrom Edward Weaver
Annette Harding Ardean Wells
Dwight Healy L. Chandler Whitford
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Heintz Ward Wilday
Richard G. Hollis Dawn Wildrick-Cole
Sheryl Hoopes Karen and Herbert Williams
Theodore and Judy Hopkins Ann Winans
Dale Howey Mary Worth
Allegany County Board of Legislators Great Lakes Cheese Company, Inc.
County Deputy Sheriff’s Depart. Allegany County Chamber of Commerce
County Highway Superintendents Houghton College
American Legion Post 655 Kopler-Williams Funeral Home
Angelica Free Library Kopper Keg Restaurant
Belfast Lions Club L.C. Whitford Co., Inc.
Constellation Brands U.S. Operations Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
Cuba Chamber of Commerce, Inc. Nunda Auto Parts
Cuba Historical Society NYSUT Retiree Council #4
Cuba Pharmacy Office Staff of Senator Cathy Young
Cuba Senior Citizens Road Runner Auto Parts
Dresser-Rand Scio Central Sch. Teachers Assoc.
Dwyer, Black & Lyle, LLP St. Bonaventure University
Empire City Farms Stenzel Properties
Fill-More Storage Steuben Trust Company (Wellsville)
Friendship Central School The Tan’n Deck Plus
Friendship Freedom Fair Walker Business & Staffing Services
Genesee Valley Educators’ Association Western New York DX Association
Memorial gifts allow family and friends to pay special tribute to loved ones. The following individuals were remembered through thoughtful gifts to the Foundation from May 1, 2014—June 30, 2015.
Dennis Amore Lloyd & Ethel Grames
Howard J. Blouvet Samuel H. Guild
Ian Gregory Bole Merle Hatch
Robert C. Brown Dr. Robert Hutter
Nina Campbell Max V. Ingalls
John O. Culbert Jr. Clare Robert Jackson
Anna Emerson Dr. Paul Kolish
Elwin Emerson Karen A. Kunz
Nancy M. Emerson John A. Kyser
Joyce Milgate Enos Susan F. Myers
Loretta O. Evans Hobart Rhinehart
Bob Feldbauer Wesley J. Serra
Louise Fergerson Frances B. Smith
Gerald Fish Linda Snyder
Catherine Fraser Jean P. Switalski
Lee A. Friar James Talbot
Catherine Fraser June S. Wardell
William K. Goetschius
Tributes make great gifts in honor of an individual’s special achievement or service to the community. The following individuals have been honored this past year through gifts made on their behalf  (May 1, 2014—April 30, 2015).
Jacob Hoffman Pamela Rohrabacher
Curt and Jean Searl Kristin VanderPloeg
Carolyn Miller
David C. Brautigam, Warren & Connie Emerson,
Mr. and Mrs. Alva Robbins, & LillyMcGovern

May 1, 2013 to April 31, 2014

The Foundation gratefully acknowledges gifts received from the following individual and organization donors during the fiscal year May 1, 2013 through April 30, 2014.

Individual Donors


Marion Johnson

Daniel Acton

Lorraine Joyce

Nyhl Austin

Stephen M. Kane

Sandy Bagley

Maureen Kelley

J. Rodney Ballangee

James & Sandy Keough

Alan Barber

Tammy Kokot

Judith Barrett

 Michael Kunz

Rodney Bennett

 William LaCourse

Gregory Bole

 Barbara Laverty

Harriett Bradley

 Jon Lindquist

George Bradley

 Preston Lucas

Thomas Brown

 Donald McFarquhar

Scott Burt

 Lana Meissner

Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Canfield

 Joseph & Liz Menichino

Mary-Lou Cartledge

 Carolyn Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Larry Clark

 Jon Morris

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Copenheaver

 Robert Mountain

James Cross

 Patricia Oliver

Mr. and Mrs. Denis Dahlgren

 Todd Palmer

Ruth Davis

 Karen Perrigo

James Dello

 Mr. & Mrs. David Porter

Sue DiBiase

 Dr. Lenard Presutti

Dennis Doell

 David Pullen

John Doyle

 Douglas Rhodes

Shawn Doyle

 Mr. and Mrs. John Richardson

Thomas Dunn

 David Scholes

Kevin and Lori Dzielski

 Mike Schroeder

Mr. and Mrs. Warren Emerson

 Chales Schultz

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A. Emery

 Peter Sprague

Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Fanton

 Donna Sweet

William Fraser

 John Thompsett

Heather Garish

 Dr. Kenneth Van Dine

Todd Goho

 Barbara VanWicklin

Lee Gridley

 William Veley

Mr. and Mrs. David Haggstrom

 Edward Weaver

Herbert Heintz

Jennifer Webb

Theresa Heinz

Ardean Wells

Richard G. Hollis

L. Chandler Whitford

Matt Hopkins

Dawn Wildrick-Cole

William Veley

Dick Halberg


Allegany C0-op Insurance Company
Allegany County Board of Legislators
Allegany County Federation of Women’s Clubs
Allegany County Schools Federal Credit Union
Bank of America
Belfast Lions Club
Community Bank, NA
Constellation Brands U.S. Operations, Inc.
Cuba Patriot
Dresser-Rand of Wellsville
Dresser-Rand of Olean
Dwyer, Black & Lyle, LLP
Federated Clover Investment Advisors, Inc.
Fidelity Security Life Ins.
Friendship Teachers Association
Genesee Valley Educators’ Association
Greater Allegany County Chamber of Commerce
Hamilton Shoes
Hart Comfort House
J.W. Embser Sons Funeral Home
Kopler-Williams Funeral Home
Masonic Lodge Belmont 474 F.Am
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
Nathan Petroleum Corporation
Richardson & Pullen, P.C.
Richardson & Stout, Inc.
VFW Post 2721 and Auxillary
Wellsville BPO Elks



Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company

John C. Robertson and Flora S. Whiteman Estate


Gifts in Memory of:

Allegany Fund

Lindol Hutton

Frances Barnes

Jack Nease

Sam Rotella

Paul R. Fleming

Jon H. Lindquist

J. Timothy Embser

Alice T. Yanda

Timothy J. Rinker

L. Eugene Foster

Richard K. Rees

Nancy A. Thompson

Mary Rollo

Eugene L. Foster

Shirley Lilly

General Scholarship Fund

Harold D. Paris

Margaret Wilcox

Shirley R. Polaski

Joseph M. Schmitt, Jr.

Lisa Sylor

Cuba Legacy Fund

Timothy Rinker

Ian Bole Memorial Scholarship Fund

Gerald Abbey

Joseph A. Presutti Scholarship Fund

Louise Ross

Waneta Presutti

Karen A. Kunz Memorial Scholarship Fund

Karen A. Kunz

SPCA Serving Allegany County Endowment Fund

Vivian Phillippi

Patricia B. Van Tyne

Raymond B. Emerson

Waneta W. Presutti

Robert B. Irwin

Jo Ann Farrell

Mary M. Emerson

William Farnsworth Memorial Scholarship Fund

William F. Farnsworth

Acknowledgement of In-Kind Contributions

David C. Brautigam, Att. at Law

Warren & Connie Emerson

Mr. and Mrs. Alva Robbins

Joshua Campbell

May 1, 2012 to April 31, 2013

Thank you for your support during the past fiscal year. The foundation has made substantial progress in both the growth of our assets, new funds and individual and corporate donations this past year. Many donations are made as memorials to friends or families who have passed on. We gratefully acknowledge each gift with a card to the bereaved family as directed by the donor. The amount of the gift is strictly confidential.

Your gifts have had a huge impact on the progress that the foundation has made. Your gifts made a difference to our scholarship winners, grant recipients and the overall community. Thank you so much.

Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Acton
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen V. Ambroselli
Mr. and Mrs. Nyhl Austin
Sandy Bagley
Rodney Bennett
Barbara Bernstein
Mrs. Harriet Bradley
Tom Brown
Kathryn Brownell
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Canfield
Mary Lou Cartledge
Ms. Anne Church
Dawn and Jeremy Wildrick-Cole
Zoe Coombs
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Copenheaver
Mr. and Mrs. Larry C. Clark
Delores and James Cross
Mr. and Mrs. David Dougherty
Mr. and Mrs. Dominic DiGirolamo
Connie and Warren Emerson
Bonnie Enke
Susan Fay
James F. Feldbauer
Jane Foster
Ms. Laura Gabler
Ms. Lee Gridley
Geralyn Gough
Kevin Habberfield
Leslie and David Haggstrom
David A. Hardy
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Halberg
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert(Huck) Heintz
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hollis
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Hopkins
Susan Church-Jamesson
Ms. Lee James
Mrs. Marion Johnson
Michael and Susan Johnson
Marjanne and Michael Kunz
Patricia Oliver
Mr. and Mrs. William La Course
Mrs. Judy Loughlin
Mr. and Mrs. Preston Lucas
Mr. and Mrs. Troy Martin
Carolyn Miller
Mr. and Mrs. James McCormick
Robert Mountain
Mr. and Mrs. David Porter
Dr. Lenard Presutti
Phylis Rigby
Douglas Rhodes
Patricia M. Sherman
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Sprague
Donna and L.J. Sweet
Preston Ttee
William Veley
Ardean Wells
G. Paul and Mary Ann Whitehouse
Karen and Herb Williams

Organizations and Corporations

Allegany County Board of Legislators
Allegany County Cancer Services
Allegany County Highway Superintendents’ Association
Allegany County Schools Federal Credit Union
Andover Historical Society
Belfast Lions Club
Belfast Teachers’ Association
Cuba Chamber of Commerce, Incorporated
Cuba-Rushford Teacher’s Association
Fillmore Faculty Association
Friendship Teachers’ Association
Fountain Bistro
Nathan Petroleum Corporation
Northeast Office Supply Co., LLC.
Notable Corporation
Outsource Receivables Management
Steuben Trust Company (Hornell)
L. C. Whitford and Company


Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company
John C. Robertson and Flora S. Whiteman Estate

Acknowledgement of In-Kind Contributions

Allegany County Bar Association
David C. Brautigam, Att. At Law
Warren and Connie Emerson
Donna Sweet

Individual 2011-2012 Donors

Dan & Anne Acton Susan Church-Jamesson
Terry and Cynthia Akins Marion Johnson
Jennifer Allen Charles  H. and Lorraine Joyce
Evelyn Alessi, Class of 2011, Belfast Central School Margaret and Lois Kemp
Nyhl and Linda Austin Michael W. Kunz
Rodney Bennett Patricia LaCourse
Harriet C. Bradley Karen Latimer
Robert and Connie Brandes S. Timothy Lunn
Thomas P. Brown Peter Finlay
Susan Bush Kevin La Forge
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Canfield Joe and Sue Lindquist
Donald Cameron Roy and Polly Lucas
Bruce Campbell Margaret Ludington
Mary-Lou Cartledge Doris Mac Farquuhar
Anne Church Troy and Susan Martin
Larry and Deborah Clark Hartley Maxson
Larry C. Clark Anne McAndrew
Georgana Cochran Kevin and April McCarthy
Zoe Coombs Rex and Marcia McIntosh
Paulette Copenheaver James R. McCormick
David and Anne Crowe Joe and Liz Menichino
John and Sue Culbert Carolyn J. Miller
David and Karen Daugherty Marcia Moore
Susan DiBiase Robert Mountain
Dennis and Ruth Doell Shirley Mullen
Thomas Dunn Leo Murphy Jr.
Lori and Kevin Dzielski Patty Oliver
Rhonda Eastland David and Jane Pinney
Patty Engh Brenda Pomeroy
Bonnie Enke K. David and Janice Porter
Warren and Connie Emerson David and Nancy Jo Pullen
Ray and Judy Emery Dr. Lenard G. Presutti and Diane Stromp
Peter Finlay Gary and Beverly Rathbun
Laura Gabler Douglas and Janet Rhodes
Lee Gridley Paul Ronan
Christopher and Colleen Gyr Doug and Krista Roorbach
George Goetschius Terri Ross
Kevin Habberfield Dave and Marianne Scoins
David and Leslie Haggstrom Peter and Mary Lou Sprague
Richard and Virginia Halberg William Tucker
David Hardy William and Joan Veley
Marcia Heinz Marilyn Vreeland
Richard and Kathleen Hollis Anne and Dean Wells
Ted and Judy Hopkins Elizabeth Wilder
Joyce Howland Pamela Witter
Athena Jamesson G. Paul and MaryAnn Whitehouse
Mrs. A.M. Jamesson Dawn and Jeremy Wildrick-Cole
Kalope Jamesson Paul Young
Robert and Martha Young

Corporations, Associations and Community Organizations

Allegany County Schools Federal Credit Union

AVX Corporation

Belva Waite Estate

Cuba-Rushford Teachers’ Association

Community Bank, NA

Federated Clover, Andrew Murray

Federated Clover Investment Advisors

Friendship Teachers’ Association

LC Whitford Corporation

Nathan Petroleum Corportion

Notable Corporation

Northeast Office Supply, Bill Finch

Ried’s Food Barn

Wegman’s Food Markets

Individual Donors (2009 – 2010)

The Foundation recognizes donors as both a way to express appreciation and in the hopes that others will be encouraged to follow in the footsteps who have made contributions to help others in the county. Our sincere thanks to:

Dan & Anne Acton Nyhl & Linda Austin
Brian & Pat Belden Neil & Eva Benedict
Rodney Bennett Harriet H. Bradley
Galen Brooks John Buckwalter
Jerry & Donna Burdick Ken & Arline Canfield
Bob & Sally Robert Christman
Christian Anne Church
Hugh Church Jack Colligan
Georgana Cochran Zoe Coombs
Jim & Pauletta Copenheaver Curt & Cathy Crandall
David Crowe David & Karen Daugherty
John & Sue Culbert Dominic & Donna Di Girolamo
John & Ruth Doyle Michael & Connie Doyle
Tom Dunn Joe & Elaine Dwyer
Kevin & Lori Dzielski Warren & Connie Emerson
Raymond & Judith Emery Bonnie Enke
Karen Estabrook Greg & Mary Fairchild
Jim & Carolyn Feldbauer Peter Finlay
John & Carol Flurschultz Pat Fogarty
Geralyn M. Gough Rick & Kris Gould
Kevin Habberfield David & Leslie J. Haggstrom
Richard & Virginia Halberg David A. Hardy
Jerry & Robin Harrington Kevin & Jeanne Harris
Linda Healy Richard & Kathleen Hollis
Kent & Sheri Johnson Marion Johnson
Maureen Kelley Judith Kosciewicz
Mike Kunz William & Patricia La Course
Jean B. Lang Woodie & Carol Lange
Jon & Sue Lindquist Edna W. Lehman
Kelly & Lois Lounsberry Preston & Pauline Lucas
Donald & Doris Mac Farquhar Troy & Susan Martin
Kevin & April McCarthy Rick & Katherine Middaugh
Steve & Joy Mientkiewicz Carolyn Miller
Michael & Wendilorion Morgan Robert & Diane Mountain
Mike & Jan Nelson Peter O’Connor
Patty Oliver Terry Parker
Jane B. Pinney Lynn & Brenda Pomeroy
Dave & Nancy Jo Pullen Douglas & Janet Rhodes
Phyllis Rigby Mike Ronan
Elizabeth Schiralli Wes Serra
Ellen Shultz Peter & Mary Lou Sprague
Kris Stoll Dick & Karen Strahan
Mary Beth Thompsett Kenneth & Judith Van Dine
William & Joan Veley Marilyn Vreeland
Ian & Sandy Whitehouse Martha Young
James & Darice Mullen John & Mary Nease
Laura Gabler George K. Goetschius
Paul Young

Organizational Donors

Appreciation, also, to:

Allegany County Schools Federal Credit Union
Allegany County Board of Legislators American Legion Fawcett Post
Angelica Inn Bank of America
Belfast Lions Club Belfast Teachers’ Association
Charles F. Oliver & Son Community Bank, NA
Cooperstown Dreams Park Cuba-Rushford Teacher’s Association
Current Controls, Inc. CUTCO
Fillmore Pharmacy First Citizens National Bank
Five Star Bank Friendship Teachers Assoc.
L. C. Whitford & Co. Mud Puddle Pottery
Nathan Petroleum Corp. Nicholsons Pharmacy
Northeast Office Supply Co. Olean Business Institute
Otis Eastern Service, Inc. Pomeroy Well Drilling
Richardson & Stout, Inc. Rinker Oil Company
Southern Tier Concrete, Inc. Sterilator Co., Inc.
Steuben Trust Co. Summit Auction
The Notable Corp. Wegmans

Donors (2008 – 2009)

Larry C. Clark
David A. Hardy
Warren & Connie Emerson
John & Mary Nease
John Stengl & Luana Ellis
Joe & Eileen Schaffner
Treusdell Funeral Home
Tina & Andy Glanzman
Doris & Donald Mac Farquhar
Ken & Doris Nielsen
Marion L. Johnson
Daniel & Sharon Keib
Leslie J. Haggstrom
Jennifer Allen
Dresser-Rand Olean
Raymond & Judith Emery
Kevin & Jeanne Harris
Mark & Evie Alessi
Mrs. Nancy Jo Pullen
Joe & Liz Menichino
Mike Kunz
Ted & Judy Hopkins
James & Carolyn Feldbauer
James & Pauletta Copenheaver
Patty Oliver
Jean B. Lang
Sterilator Co., Inc.
Eliz. Schiralli
Carolyn J. Miller
Belfast Lions
Richardson & Stout
Federated Clover Invest. Advisors
Steuben Trust Co.
Curt & Cathy Crandall
Betty Bledsoe
Alleg. Co-Op Insur. Co.
Belfast Teachers’ Assoc.
Amanda B. Newton, Esq.
Rinker Oil Corp.
Northeast Office Supply Co. LLC
Otis Eastern Service, Inc.
Wegmans Food Markets
Greg & Mary Fairchild
Jon & Susan Lindquist
Bank of America
Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Canfield
Mary Beth Thompsett
John & Mary Nease
Dave & Nancy Jo Pullen
Jane B. Pinney
Douglas & Janet Rhodes
Allegany County Board of Legislators
Nhyl & Linda Austin
Jean B. Lang
Kenneth & Judith Van Dine
Katherine & Rick Middaugh
Maureen Kelley
Jack Colligan
Charles F. Oliver & Son
Pomeroy Well Drilling
Lynn & Brenda Pomeroy
Jerry & Robin Harrington
Georgana Cochran
David Crowe
Bob & Sally Christian
Anne Church
Steve & Joy Mientkiewicz
Belfast Lions Club
L. Chandler Whitford & Co.
Jerry & Donna Burdick
Joe & Elaine Dwyer
Rinker Oil Comp.
L.C. Whitford Co.
Richardson & Stout
Otis Eastern
Robert Christman
Nicholsons Pharmacy
Linda Healy
Pat Fogarty
Kris Stoll
Mud Puddle Pottery (Terri Ross)
Angelica Inn
Wes Serra
Terry Parker
Summit Auction (Sandra Dennison)
Cooperstown Dreams Park
Mr. & Mrs. Wm. C. Lacourse
George K. Goetschius
LC Whitford
Nicholson Pharmacy
James & Darice Mullen
Kevin C. & April McCarthy
The Notable Corp.
Zoe Coombs
Paul Young
Patricia & Brian Belden
Jon & Sue Lindquist
Community Bank
Peter & Mary Lou Sprague
Ian & Sandy Whitehouse
Rod Bennett
Mike Ronan
Mike Kunz
Kevin & Lori Dzielski
Dr. Kenneth & Arline Canfield
John & Ruth Doyle
Mr. & Mrs. H. Woodie Lange
Nathan Petroleum Corp.
Phyllis Rigby
Laura Gabler
John Buckwalter
Harriett H. Bradley
Preston & Pauline Lucas
Edna W. Lehman
Robert & Diane Mountain
Jon & Susan Lindquist
Dan & Anne Acton
Michael & Wendilorion Morgan
Richard & Virginia Halberg
James & Pauletta Copenheaver
Bonnie Enke
Donald & Doris Mac Farquhar
Mr. Peter Finlay
Marilyn Vreeland
Kevin Habberfield
Kent & Sheri Johnson
David & Karen Daugherty
Troy & Susan Martin
Dominic & Donna Di Girolamo
Karen Estabrook
Richard & Kathleen Hollis
Galen Brooks
William & Joan Veley
Judith Kosciewicz
First Citizens National Bank
Peter O’Connor

Donors (2007 – 2008)

The Foundation gratefully ackowledges gifts received from the following individual and organization donors during the fiscal year May 1, 2007 through April 30, 2008.

James & Carolyn Feldbauer
Warren & Connie Emerson
Ted & Judy Hopkins
Marcia K. Moore
Mark Presutti
Allen Zobrist
Richard Watkins
Eric Trimble
William Ross
Richard Rawleigh
Brian Petrie
Seth Petrichick
Mike Obuhanich
Donald Mc Cutchen
Anthony Grisewood
Timothy Dobmeier
Robert Ackerman
Carolyn J. Miller
Robert Christman
Mr. & Mrs. Chan Whitford
Mr. & Mrs. Wayne A. Feeman
Dwight M. Healy
Alice Stevens
Kathryn Cretekos
Peter W. Presutti
Kristina K. Stoll
Terri Ross
Martha E. Fuller
Nancy Presutti
Alan Presutti
Joseph C. Dwyer
Mathew Moretti, Jr.
Elizabeth O. Harris
Mary Jo McNinch
Bill & Susan Fay
Laine & Rod Pike
Mary K. Presutti
Waneta Presutti
Nicholas L. Kelley
Brandon Barrett
Brooke & Darren Brandt
Mike Petrosian
Joe Budinger
Todd Haggstrom
Ryan Ostrander
Kevin Ross
Jeff Mathes
Jeff Kaduc
Duane Hepfer
David & Nancy Jo Pullen
Susan Church-Jamesson
Terry Akins
Zoe Coombs
Daniel Acton
Donald Mac Farquhar
David Noether
Leo Johnson
Richard & Virginia Halberg
Richard Treusdell
Barb, Tom & Kate Fusselli
Amanda B. Newton
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Sprague
Robert & Judy Kosciewicz
Laura A. Gabler
Mike & Pope Jamesson
Robert G. Hutter
Robert P. Christian
Kenneth & Judith Van Dine
Ken & Doris Nielsen
Estella T. Cronauer
Judy K. Loughlin
Phyllis Rigby
Nyhl Austin
Ron & Susie Mauro
Michele Stephens
Nicholas & Elizabeth Abraham
Marsha Sick
Dominic Di Girolamo
Gordon Mason
E. Pearl Stark
Ann Wereley
Anne Church
Ellie Daisley
David & Evelyn Hardy
Leslie J. Haggstrom
Charles Oliver
Brian Belden
Patricia Belden
Patty Oliver
Jean B. Lang
Mr. & Mrs. Jon Lindquist
Mr. & Mrs. Preston Lucas
Mr. & Mrs. James Stevens
William & Joan Veley
George & Elaine Goetschius
Richard & Kathleen Hollis
Nico & Joan VanZwanenberg
L. Chandler Whitford
Ken Brubaker
Dennis Butts
Tom Dunn
William LaCourse
Troy & Susan Martin
Steven & Joy Mientkiewicz
John & Diana Embser
Robert & Martha Young
Joe & Liz Menichino
Charles & Lorraine Joyce
Greg & Mary Fairchild
Jim & Pauletta Copenheaver
Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Canfield
Dale & Cynthia Dutton
Rod Bennett
Ken & Pam Padden
John F. Colligan
Peter Finlay
Christina & Andrew Glanzman
Ian & Sandra Whitehouse
Mike & Connie Doyle
Geralyn Gough
David A. Walter
Byron & Diane Chandler
Jevin & Jeanne Harris
Kirsten Calkins
Curt & Cathy Crandall
Raymond & Judith Emery
Paul D. Young
Michael & Barbara Ronan
Nora C. Zinner
Elizabeth Schiralli
Michael Kunz
Larry Clark


Businesses & Organizations

Outsource Receivables Mgmt.
Houghton College
Pulos & Rosell, LLP
Serra & Fogarty, P.C.
Richardson & Pullen, P.C.
Dwyer, Black & Lyle, LLP
Richardson & Stout, Inc.
Cooperstown Dreams Park
Fawcett Post #1582
Northeast Office Supply
Cuba-Rushford Teachers Assn.
Nathan Petroleum
Wellsville Manor Residence Council
Allegany County Board of Legislators Flower Fund
Fillmore, Fishers & Cuba Pharmacies
J.W. Embser Sons Funeral Home
Otis Eastern Services, Inc.
Loyal Order of Moose #601
Clover Capital Management
GIANT Food Mart
Alfred University
Rinker Oil Company
Wegmans Food Markets
Current Controls, Inc.
The Past Masters’ Masonic District
First Citizens National Bank
Wellsville Rotary Club
Clark Patterson Lee
Community Bank, N.A.
Steuben Trust Co.
Allegany Co-op Insurance Co.
Belfast Teacher’s Assoc.
Sterilator Co., Inc.
Friendship Teachers Assoc.
LaForge Disposal Services
Belfast Lions Club
Bank of America

2006-2007 Donors

The Foundation gratefully acknowledges gifts received from the following individual and organization donors during the fiscal year May 1, 2006 through April 30, 2007.

Mrs. Elizabeth Abraham
Dr. & Mrs. Daniel D. Acton
Mrs. Cynthia Akins
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Alessi
Mr. & Mrs. Nyhl Austin
Mr. Rodney K. Bennett
Mr. Thomas P. Brown
Mr. Blair Buchholz
Mr. Kenneth L. Canfield
Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Christian
Mr. John F. Colligan
Mr. & Mrs. James Copenheaver
Curt & Cathy Crandall
Ms. Catherine B. Daggett
Mr. & Mrs. Dominic Di Girolamo
Michael & Connie Doyle
Mr. Thomas J. Dunn
Mr. Joseph C. Dwyer
Mr. & Mrs. John Embser
Mr. & Mrs. Warren Emerson
Mrs. Dorothy M. Farnsworth
Ms. Beth Farwell
Mr. & Mrs. James F. Feldbauer
Ms. Carol Gallmann
Mr. George K. Goetschius
Mr. & Mrs. Duane Graham
Mrs. Leslie Haggstrom
Dr. & Mrs. Richard Halberg
Ms. Annette Harding
David & Evelyn Hardy
Kevin & Jeanne Harris
Ms. Carissa Healy
Jackie Hull
Mr. Robert G. Hutter
Ms. Jane Jamison
Mr. & Mrs. Leo J. Johnson
Charles & Lorraine Joyce
Ms. Maureen Kelley
Mr. Paul Krake
Mr. & Mrs. William C. La Course
Mrs. Jean B. Lang
Mr. & Mrs. Jon Lindquist
Mr. & Mrs. Preston Lucas
Mr. & Mrs. Don Mac Farquhar
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Mauro
Mr. & Mrs. Rex McIntosh
Dale McIntyre
Joe & Liz Menichino
Ms. Carolyn J. Miller Miller
Mr. Robert Morris
Mr. Robert M. Mountain
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Nelson
Mr. Kenneth L. Nielsen
Dr. & Mrs. Gary Ogden
Mr. Laurence Older
Mr. Richard Older
Mr. Thomas M. Older
Mrs. Patty Oliver
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Padden
Ms. Wanetta W. Presutti
David & Nancy Jo Pullen
Ms. Patricia Regan
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Rhodes
Ms. Phyllis H. Rigby
Mr. Michael Ronan
Mrs. Elizabeth Schiralli
Abbott Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Sprague
Ms. Blanche Swarthout
John & Marybeth Thompsett
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth G. Van Dine
Ms. Marilyn E. Vreeland
Mr. L. Chandler Whitford
Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Young
Mr. Paul Young
Ms. Nora C. Zinner


Businesses & Organizations

Alfred University
American Legion Auxiliary Post 414
American Legion Fawcett Post # 1582
American Legion Post 702
Bank of America
Belfast Lions Club
Belfast Teachers Association
Clark Patterson Associates
Clover Capital Mgmt.
Community Bank, N.A.
Current Controls, Inc.
Fillmore Pharmacy
First Citizens National Bank
Friendship Teachers Association
Genesee Valley Teachers Association
GIANT Food Mart
Habiterra, Inc.
J.W. Embser Funeral Home
L. C. Whitford Co.
La Forge Disposal Services
Moose Lodge 601
Nathan Petroleum Corp.
Northeast Office Supply Co.
Olean Business Inst.
Otis Eastern Services, Inc.