Grant Timeline

Allegany County Area Foundation

Grant Timeline

Through the generous gifts of Allegany County residents; the Grant Committee, chaired by Rod Bennett and approved by the full Board of Directors, awards grants to worthy non-profit organizations in Allegany County. Here is our grants schedule:

June, July, Aug.              Applications due on Aug. 30, 2018        Grants awarded at Sept. Board Mtg.

Sept., Oct. Nov.              Applications due on Nov. 15, 2018        Grants awarded at Dec. Board Mtg.

Dec. Jan. Feb.                 Applications due on Feb. 28, 2019       Grants awarded at Mar. Board Mtg.

Mar., Apr., May              Applications due on May 15, 2019       Grants awarded at May Board Mtg.

In addition, the by-laws of the Allegany County Area Foundation state that a final report shall be submitted to the executive director of the ACAF following the completion of the project or program.
The Foundation believes by increasing the capacity of individuals we are improving the quality of life for all Allegany County citizens. The Allegany County Area Foundation endeavors to increase its grant making funds through donations to the Allegany Fund. Please contact Denis Dahlgren , our executive director, at 585-808-8444 or donate online .  Subscribe to our Facebook page and receive regular updates.