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Allegany Fund

The largest of the Foundation’s grant funds, the Allegany Fund was created by ACAF without restrictions. Accordingly, this fund gives us great flexibility in awarding grants where needed to meet emerging and long term needs in the county. 

Designated and Donor-Advised Funds

Jodi Patterson Fund for Art, Culture, and Rural Empowerment (2021)

This donor-advised fund supports efforts to present art, and culture, and opportunity to the residents of Midland County, MI, and Allegany County, NY.

Chamberlain Park Playground Project (2021)

Supports the renovation of this popular play area in Cuba, NY.

Charles and Lorraine Joyce Family Fund (2021)

This donor-advised fund supports efforts to enhance the wellness and quality of life for the residents of Andover, NY, and Wellsville, NY.

Cuba Chamber of Commerce Legacy Fund (2013)

Supports local projects and organizations.

Cuba Chamber of Commerce Cuba-Rushford Toys for Kids Fund (2013)

Supports annual Toys for Kids campaign.

Hydramec Fund (1989)

Created by Hydramec, Inc. to provide financial support for the Scio Free Library.

Doris O. Church Fund (1999)

Established by the family of Doris O. Church to provide financial support for the Andover Public Library.

SPCA Serving Allegany County Endowment Fund (1998)

Sponsored by the SPCA to provide permanent financial support to the SPCA for the care, shelter and adoption of unwanted or abandoned animals.

Cuba Memorial Hospital Endowment Fund (2005)

Established by the hospital to provide financial support for the Cuba Memorial Hospital.

Conrad and Kathryn Church Landscaping Fund (2007)

Established by a gift from Kathryn Church to support in perpetuity the upkeep of trees in the Village of Andover.

Susan Foster Myers Memorial Endowment Fund

Established by Alan W. Myers of Friendship, NY in memory of his wife, Susan Foster Myers, for the purpose of supporting the Friendship Free Library so that it may continue to thrive and serve the community well into the future.

Fund for the Andover Free Library (2018)

Established in 2018, this fund will provide annual support for the Andover Free Library’s collection, programing, and facility.

Lester and Dorotha Harris Whitesville Cemetery Fund (2019)

This fund provides annual support for the maintenance of the Whitesville Cemetery.

Pioneer Oil Museum Fund (2020)

Established in memory of Judge James Euken, this endowment provides annual support for the programs and facilities of the Bolivar, NY, Pioneer Oil Museum.

Allegany Senior Foundation (2018)

This endowment, established by ASF, will provide support for the organization’s activities and programs that serve local seniors.

Wide Awake Club Library Fund (2021)

This fund provides annual support for the Fillmore, NY library.

Fund for the Hillside and Valley Brook cemeteries (2021)

Helps these Andover cemeteries with upkeep and operations.

Field-of-Interest Funds

Thomas F. and Laura L. Moogan Family Fund (1993)

Endowed by long-time Wellsville residents Thomas F. and Laura L. Moogan for the purpose of promoting and assisting volunteer, charitable, and educational organizations in Wellsville and Allegany County.

Norbert Shear Memorial Fund (2001)

Created by the family of A. Norbert Shear to provide grants to groups serving Allegany County.

Bob Christian Fund (2012)

This fund was created by the Allegany County Area Foundation to honor Robert Christian for his service as executive director.  This fund will provide financial support for ongoing historical research and the display and enjoyment of historical materials related to Allegany County, NY.

Walter Taber Memorial Trust Fund (2019)

This fund will assist individuals and community groups that are working on projects and activities that will benefit the residents of Friendship, NY, and generally improve the community.

Allegany County Shop with a Cop Fund (2019)

This endowment will provide assistance to programs and activities that will make the holiday season more positive for disadvantaged kids. Priority will be given to projects that will help children and youth already receiving support from the Allegany County Department of Social Services.

Kenneth and Judi Van Dine Christian Service Grant (2019)

This grant will support a high school student or adult going on a short-term mission trip. Priority will go to those planning to travel to Haiti.

Scholarship Funds

Kane Family Scholarship (2015): Established by James Kane, this scholarship supports graduates of Genesee Valley Central School, with priority to students preparing for careers in finance or education. Recipients will have a high school GPA of at least a 2.70 or a college GPA of 2.50 or better.

Celeste Wuersig Scholarship (2022): This scholarship was established in December of 2022, in memory of Celeste Wuersig by her family. This program will support an Allegany County student that demonstrates an interest in foreign language study, with priority to college sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Marie Miller Gleason Scholarship (2013): Created by David Scholes in honor of his mother, this scholarship will benefit Belfast Central School graduating seniors who are in the first generation of their families to attend a four-year college, and who aim to pursue degrees in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM fields).

Stephen V. Ambroselli Scholar Incentive Award (2013):  This scholarship, established by Stephen and Jean Ambroselli, provides two one-time per student $5,000.00 scholarships for Genesee Valley Central School graduates who are enrolled at St. Bonaventure University.

Mary A. Bishop Scholarship (1989): The estate of Mary A. Bishop established this fund to provide scholarships to needy and worthy students residing in Allegany County.

Sgt. Ian Gregory Bole Memorial Scholarship (2013): The family of Ian Gregory Bole created this scholarship in his memory.  The recipient will be a graduate of the Belmont Career and Technical Center who will pursue a career in a manufacturing/engineering field. Preference given to a student planning to attend Alfred State College.

Dr. Robert G. Hutter Memorial Scholarship (2013): Established to provide a student from Allegany County a scholarship to study performing arts or finance at Alfred University.

Daniel R. McCarthy Memorial Scholarship (1991): This fund provides scholarships for students desiring to earn a degree in a business-related program at a college in either Allegany County or Cattaraugus County. Award based on all-around merit and financial need.

Lois M. Lilly Scholarship (1994): The will of Lois M. Lilly established this fund to provide college scholarships to worthy and residents of Allegany County. Preference is given to a Belfast Central School graduate. Financial need is considered.

George and Ella Shear Scholarship (1995): Ella Shear set up this fund to provide scholarships to graduates of Scio Central School, with preference to students pursuing a career in elementary education.

Alfred Wood Scholarship (1997): Established by the will of Alfred Wood to provide scholarship support to worthy graduates of Cuba-Rushford Central School

Highway Superintendents Scholarship*(2013): This program provides two $1500.00 scholarships for students pursuing studies in heavy equipment or related fields at Alfred State College of Technology at Wellsville.

Mary Lou Canessa Memorial Scholarship (2013): Established in memory of former Wellsville Central School counselor Mary Lou Canessa, provides $500.00 annually for a Wellsville student chosen in consultation with Wellsville Central School guidance counselors.

William F. Farnsworth Memorial Scholarship (1998): Established by friends and family of William F. Farnsworth for graduates of Genesee Valley Central School, with preference to students pursuing a career in education. Financial need is considered.

Belva A. Waite Memorial Scholarship (2000): Set up by the will of Belva A. Waite for students residing in Allegany County. Award is based on all-around high school performance.

Joseph W. and Inez A. Hupp Scholarship (2002): Created by a bequest from Inez A. Hupp to award scholarships to students graduating from Cuba-Rushford Central School.

Walter F. and Louisa A. Sibley Scholarship (2005): Established by the will of Louisa A. Sibley for graduates of Cuba-Rushford Central School.

Fisk Non-Traditional Education Scholarship (2006): Established by a gift from a concerned citizen for residents of Allegany County covering up to 75% of the total cost for those seeking to improve their current skills. Financial need is considered. Must be a county resident but need not be a graduate of an Allegany County school.

Dresser-Rand Scholarship (2006): Established by a gift from Dresser-Rand for the benefit of children and family of current and retired Dresser-Rand Wellsville employees. Preference is given to those pursuing a technical, manufacturing or business course of study. Financial need and academic performance are considered.

Edward Brewster Memorial Scholarship (2007): Created by the will of Pauline Brewster in honor of her husband Edward; provides scholarships for Whitesville Central School graduates who exhibit a strong work ethic and financial need.

Joseph E. Presutti Memorial Scholarship (2008): Created by family and friends in honor of Joe Presutti. Preference for Genesee Valley Central School graduates and those in public service and/or veterans. Financial need is considered.

Marion W. Green Commitment to Community Scholarship (2008): Established to encourage students in the Scio Central School District to continue their education. Financial need is considered in making these grants to students that will complete a degree or certification within two years. Students must show maturity, a commitment to sharing their skills and resources, and an interest in community service.

Karen A. Kunz Memorial Scholarship (2012): Established to support a student who intends to pursue an associate degree in accounting and who has financial need. The scholarship will be renewable for the second year.

 John C. Robertson and Flora S. Whitman Memorial Scholarship (2013): Established for the benefit of a Cuba-Rushford graduate.

Julianne Doyle Bentley Memorial Scholarship (2013): Benefits a Cuba-Rushford or Wellsville student entering her or his sophomore, junior, or senior year in college.

Leslie Newland Thomas Memorial Scholarship (2018): Seniors at/graduates of Wellsville Central School may benefit from this scholarship. Priority is given to students pursuing music education or teaching, and who have shown a commitment to community service.

Penny’s from Heaven Scholarship (2018): This scholarship will assist students from Friendship or Genesee Valley Central School.

Leonard and Margaret Kelley Scholarship (2019): This memorial scholarship will provide assistance to graduates of Genesee Valley or Fillmore central schools that are attending a SUNY college or St. Bonaventure University.

Allegany County Deputy Sheriff’s Scholarship* (2019): Supports high school seniors, with priority for those planning a career in a field related to criminal justice or law enforcement. This is a spring semester award. A 3.00 or higher GPA is required at the end of the fall semester.

Wellsville Area Homeschoolers* (2020): Provides support for college students who’ve completed at least 50% of their high school program through the Wellsville Area Homeschoolers organization.

Carl Atwell Memorial Scholarship (2020): Honors Andover native Carl Atwell. This award goes to an Andover Central School senior showing a record of involvement in athletics and service to the Andover community.

Barbie Ludden Scholarship (2021): This scholarship was established in memory of Barbie Ludden and will provide a scholarship to a Cuba-Rushford Central School senior pursuing college study in a health or medical field.

Catherine Schuyler NYSDAR Scholarship (2021): This scholarship program will help a student from Allegany, Steuben, or Cattaraugus County who is preparing for a history-related career (e.g., teaching history, museum work). Children and grandchildren of current or deceased members of this DAR chapter may also apply even if they live outside this three-county area).

Cuba Council of Churches Scholarship (2021): The Cuba Council of Churches placed this scholarship fund with ACAF in 2021. The recipient will be a Cuba-Rushford Central School senior demonstrating solid academics and evidence of an active and growing Christian faith.

Millicent Friendly Graduate Student Scholarship (2021): Created in recognition of the fact that graduate students have limited opportunity for scholarships, this fund will provide support to graduates of Allegany County high schools who are pursuing education at the post-bachelor’s level – including those in professional degree (e.g., MD, JD) programs.

Lee Gridley Memorial Scholarship (2021): Established to memorialize this long time Allegany County teacher and community leader. This award is open to a graduate of any county school, pursuing any program at the college of her or his choice.

John and Ruth Doyle Scholarship (2021): This program aids a Cuba-Rushford Central School graduate who is in his/her first or second year of college and studying in a health-related field.

Janet Burger Appier/Phyllis Burger Wilson Scholarship (2022): Established to memorialize these sister nurses from Andover, this scholarship will support aspiring nurses, with priority to graduates of Andover Central School.

Rose Fleming Scholarship* (2022): Established by her family in her honor, the Rose Fleming Scholarship will support an aspiring teacher, with priority to graduates of Fillmore and Belfast central schools, and to a student attending St. Bonaventure University.

Tim Rohe Memorial Scholarship (2022): Established in Tim’s memory by his family, supports students pursuing trade or technical study, with priority to graduates of Fillmore Central School.

Clair and Mildred Almeter Scholarship (2022): The children of Mr. and Mrs. Almeter created this scholarship in memory of their parents. This award will benefit a student going into a trade-oriented program of two years duration or less, with priority to graduates of Alfred-Almond Central School and Genesee Valley Central School.

*These scholarships are funded annually by the donor. All others listed are endowed.

Interested in setting up a scholarship or grant fund? Contact ACAF at 585-296-5616 for information.

Grant funds may be established to benefit a specific organization (e.g. SPCA) or a cause (e.g. local history, or the arts).

Scholarship funds may be set up to help a student from a specific high school, or attending a specific college, or in a particular academic program.