Ardent Solutions Receives ACAF Grant Money

The Allegany County Area Foundation recently presented a $1,000 check to Ardent Solutions to help combat the opioid and heroin crisis in Allegany County. This grant will support the efforts of the Allegany County Heroin and Opioid Abuse Ad-Hoc Committee whose mission is to influence, support and secure resources for communities, organizations, and individuals impacted by addiction. The purpose is to ensure that appropriate prevention, treatment, and recovery assets are available to all Allegany County residents while advancing policy and enforcement efforts at the local, state and federal level.

The Allegany County Heroin and Opioid Abuse Ad-Hoc has worked diligently to identify community needs, current resources, and opportunities for advancing local efforts. This grant award will engage one of the most important allies in the war against opioid abuse, pharmacists.

“Evidence-based teaching and training for medical professionals on opioid addiction prevention can help bridge the gap in knowledge and practice for those in the medical field; including pharmacists,” explained Carrie Whitwood, Executive Director at Ardent Solutions, Inc. “According to the National Safety Council, nearly half of opioid painkiller users are unaware that these drugs are as addictive as heroin and may be a gateway to illicit drug use and abuse.”

Collaborating with the University at Buffalo School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, this funding will assist in providing the most up-to-date knowledge and skills training to area pharmacists around the topics of the increased use of prescription opioids, strategies to minimize abuse and misuse, and the pharmacist’s role in preventing misuse and abuse.

“The Allegany County Heroin and Opioid Abuse Ad-Hoc Committee will be inviting pharmacists to the training scheduled for late summer. If pharmacists are interested in registering now, they may contact Helen Evans at 585-593-5223, ext. 1011,” continued Whitwood.

The Allegany County Area Foundation holds assets of over 8.5 million dollars. The endowed funds continue to grow in perpetuity to enrich and improve the lives of Allegany County people. If you would like more information on how you can provided a legacy of hope and good will in our community, please contact the Allegany County Area Foundation at 585-808-8444 or visit their web site at:

In the picture: Carrie Whitwood, Executive Director at Ardent Solutions, Inc. & Denis Dahlgren, Executive Director of the Allegany County Area Foundation.