Scholarship Winners… Past and Present -Paul Ronan

Paul Ronan is seen shaking hands with President Obama in the Oval Office after the signing of the Lord’s Resistance Northern Uganda Recovery Act.

On May 24th, 2010 Paul Ronan, a 2002 graduate of Cuba-Rushford Central School and a Belva A. Waite Scholarship recipient who graduated from Syracuse University, was thanked by President Obama for his efforts in bringing about the Lord’s Resistance Northern Uganda Recovery Act. Paul is the Director of Advocacy for Resolve Uganda, a non-profit group that was instrumental for the development and passage of the bill. Paul has spent the last four years in New York, Washington, Central Africa working towards change in US policy toward Central Africa.

Paul was honored to be in attendance when President Obama signed the bill into law. Paul was speaker at the May 2006 Educator of the Year Banquet.