John C. Robertson and Flora S. Whiteman Scholarship

(Jan. 2013) Loretta Whiteman Robertson lived in Cuba, NY and worked as a marching band teacher at Hinsdale Central School. Her life was devoted to her students, her family and her community.

She passed away in 1972 and in her will provided a scholarship fund. Local attorney Wesley J. Serra was the trustee of that will until his death, and for a time thereafter his wife Anne served as voluntary administrator of the will. She had enjoyed a long friendship with Loretta Whiteman Robertson.

In 2012, Allegany County Treasurer Terri Ross was assigned the role of trustee. In December of that year, she advised Carolyn Miller, president Board of Directors of the ACAF, that the Foundation would be receiving custody of the scholarship trust. Terri presented Carolyn Miller and ACAF development chair Warren Emerson a check for $44,000.00 on December 18, 2012. Several guests attended the celebratory luncheon at the Fountain Bistro in Belmont, NY.

The scholarship fund provides for students from the Cuba-Rushford School District who are pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree and are enrolled beyond their freshmen year in a college or university.