The Allegany County Historical Society Receives ACAF Grant

The Allegany County Area Foundation recently presented a $1,000 grant to the Allegany County Historical Society. This grant money will be used to help support their Allegany County History Awareness Week Program scheduled for the last week in September of 2018.   The money came from the Bob Christian Fund and the Allegany Fund.

This year the Allegany County History Awareness week will have three themes: the End of World War I, World War II and Women’s Workforce and the Homefront. This year’s activities are being organized in collaboration with local historical societies, town historians, veterans’ organizations and others.

Tentatively, the activities will begin with a ribbon cutting ceremony on September 24th at the David A. Howe Library in Wellsville. Exhibits will be open at the library Tuesday through Saturday. To complement the exhibits and explain their significance, there will also be guest speakers at the library Tuesday – Friday in the evenings.

The week will conclude on Sunday, September 30th at the Palmer Opera House in Cuba with first person enactments of local historical personalities related to this year’s themes.

More details and definite times will be announced as the even gets closer.

The Allegany County Area Foundation holds assets of over 9 million dollars. The endowed funds continue to grow in perpetuity to enrich and improve the lives of Allegany County people. If you would like more information on how you can provided a legacy of hope and good will in our community, please contact the Allegany County Area Foundation at 585-808-8444 or e-mail Denis Dahlgren at:

In the attached picture (L to R): William Heaney, Chairman-Allegany History Awareness Committee (ACHS); Lee Gridley, Vice President of ACHS; Ronald G. Taylor, President of ACHS; David Haggstrom, Member of ACHS Committee; and Denis Dahlgren ACAF Executive Director.