Van Dines Honored through Grant Fund

(Nov. 2019) The Ken & Judi Van Dine Christian Service Grant has been established by the Grace United Church family and friends of the Van Dines to honor their strong Christian commitment, 50+ years of service to their church and community, and their mission work in Haiti.

A long-time, Wellsville ophthalmologist, Dr. Van Dine and Judi, a registered nurse, first went to Haiti on a medical mission in 1985 at the invitation of a medical colleague, serving in the Central Highlands village of Pignon. Ken and Judi returned to Haiti many times over the next 20 years, developing significant know-how in addressing poverty, with a focus on education and development initiatives. Their greatest desire with this grant is to support and encourage young people interested in missions to adopt a similar focus.

The Van Dines’ son Neil has been a full-time missionary in Haiti for 30 years and is a highly qualified mentor to individuals serving in developing nations.

The grant will provide support for persons preparing for a short-term missionary experience that focuses on development efforts, with priority given to those serving in Haiti (other locations overseas and domestic will be considered). For more information, contact the Allegany County Area Foundation at 585-296-5616 or