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Scholarship Recipients 2014

ACAF SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS In 2014 the Allegany County Area Foundation awarded $239,300 in scholarships to ...

Daniel J. Goetschius Received an ACAF Scholarship in 2007

Daniel GoetschiusDaniel J. Goetschius was awarded a scholarship from the Allegany County Area Foundation in 2007. Since 2007 Daniel has been very busy with his studies.   His experiences have included: B.S. Molecular Biology – Grove City College ’09; Master of Arts in Religion – Westminster Theological Seminary ’12; M.Sc. Biomedical Diagnostics – Dublin City University, Ireland ’14; Research Technologist at Penn State (2013-present); and Forthcoming – PhD student in Department of Human Genetics at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium (March 2015 – ??)

Daniel states, “ I’ve been fortunate to get involved early with a powerful new gene-editing technique (CRISPR/Cas9), using it as a tool to address unanswered questions in neuroscience, regarding how neurons organize themselves to both send and receive signals. For my forthcoming project, I’ll be characterizing particular genetic mutations in order to determine how problems at a molecular level ultimately cause neurological problems at a macro level. It’s an exciting project that will allow me to use my love of science to make a meaningful contribution to human health.”

We wish Daniel all the best!

Allegany County Area Foundation Announces $6540.37 Grant from the Conrad and Kathryn Church Landscaping Fund to the Village of Andover

Andover Check Presentation #1Andover, NY – The Allegany County Area Foundation, (a not-for-profit organization which seeks to encourage educational, social, cultural and civic projects benefiting the residents of Allegany County, New York,) is pleased to announce a grant to the village of Andover from the Conrad and Kathryn Church Landscaping Fund.

In 2001, the Village of Andover received a gift of some 400 trees of various species from Conrad and Kathryn Church. Mr. Church, who passed away the following year, hoped to restore the canopy of trees he recalled from his boyhood in the village. As the former owner of Genesee Valley Nurseries, Inc. in Belmont, he had made his living by growing and selling trees, and he saw them as an important part of the community’s landscape.

In 2007, a gift of $100,000 from Mrs. Church to the Allegany County Area Foundation, Inc., the Conrad and Kathryn Church Landscaping Fund was established for the purpose of maintaining Andover’s trees. The village is able to draw upon the fund’s earnings for tasks such as pruning, fertilizing, disease control and evaluation by an arborist.

This grant of $6540.37 was used to pay for tree pruning, the removal of pruned material, and the planting of trees in Andover during 2013-2014 to help beautify the village. Many of the trees were planted on East Center Street to help improve the landscape in that area.

If you would like to make a difference in your community by Leaving a Legacy as Conrad and Kathryn Church have, contact the Allegany County Area Foundation today at 585-808-8444 or e-mail: director@alleganycountyareafoundation.org. The Foundation welcomes tax-deductible gifts in any amount, including memorials to friends and loved ones. County residents are encouraged to remember the Foundation in their wills by making a specific bequest.

In the attached picture (L to R): Denis Dahlgren, Executive Director of the Allegany County Area Foundation; Marie Wood, Andover Village Clerk; and David Truax, Mayor of Andover.

Dear Supporters of the Allegany County Area Foundation,

Lindsey SickI am writing to thank you for the time and effort you have dedicated to providing financial assistance to the students of Allegany County. The scholarships I received as a senior at Wellsville High School in 2006 opened the door for me to a world of invaluable opportunities and experiences. Were it not for the generous financial support of my home community, I probably would not have dared to enroll at Middlebury College, a private school costing over $45,000 per year to attend. My time at Middlebury was so far the most formative and rewarding period of my life, and your support helped make it possible.

At Middlebury I majored in Spanish and French, but took full advantage of the liberal arts curriculum. I studied fascinating topics like animal rights, racist humor, and the use of torture in a philosophy course called Contemporary Moral Issues. I examined the history and current state (or I might say, crisis) of prison systems in the Sociology of Punishment. I helped develop and implement an Individualized Education Plan for a middle school student with significant developmental disabilities during one of my field placements as a Teacher Education minor. I spent six months at the University of Poitiers in France, where I studied sociolinguistics but learned much more about myself and life outside of my comfort zone.

I am grateful for your generosity and appreciate the great work that you do for the community.

Lindsey Sick


The Angelica Free Library Creates Endowment Fund

AngelicaThe Allegany County Area Foundation is pleased to announce the creation of the Angelica Free library Endowment Fund. The Board of Trustees of the library has established this fund to accept and generate monies to insure and enhance the growth of library programs and services for the betterment of the Angelica community. This endowment fund provides the opportunity for friends of the library to contribute to the support and renewal of its activities and facilities.

The Angelica Free Library was dedicated in 1900, built with funds given by Clara Higgins Smith in memory of her mother. The library reading and children’s rooms share the main floor space with the Colonial Rooms museum of local artifacts. Upstairs is an assembly hall used for plays and public gatherings.

The Allegany County Area Foundation is a guardian to many local endowment funds. The foundation administers a community grant program where nonprofits can turn to find funding for special projects and programs. It also administers a scholarship program that will award over $250,000 in scholarships this year. The foundation’s funding does not come from a single source, but rather through individual donors who all have one thing in common – they all care about the quality of life in Allegany County.

The Angelica Free Library Board of Trustees encourages people to remember the Library in their wills, trusts, or when they make a charitable donation. If you would like to support the Angelica Free Library Endowment Fund, please visit: www.alleganycountyareafoundation.org and select the donate page or call 585-808-8444 for more information.

Tim Flurschutz Thanks ACAF

Flurschutz,  Tim

First let me say that is an impressive number for scholarship disbursement in a single year! I’m glad to hear the ACAF is still able to help out our local graduates.  The scholarship I received from the ACAF helped out a lot while I was attending SUNY Geneseo.  Even at a SUNY school, the costs of a college education are formidable.  Despite worrisome headlines about rising tuition costs and startling levels of student loan debt, the Allegany County community should take pride in what it is able to provide for its college-bound youth.
The Belva A. Waite Memorial scholarship helped supplement my undergraduate tuition costs and pay for books, which allowed me to finish my Bachelor’s degree with relatively little student loan debt.  After leaving Geneseo in 2010 with a B.A. in Psychology, I entered an accelerated baccalaureate nursing program at Binghamton University, graduating in 2011.  For the last three-and-a-half years I have been an RN in an Intensive Care Unit, which has been the most rewarding and challenging endeavor of my life, thus far.  As of this past Fall, I am also pursuing my Master’s degree at Binghamton University, part-time, to become a Nurse Practitioner.
Having utilized Federal Student Loans, I can tell you that every bit of assistance from grants and scholarships really does help.  I am fortunate to have had scholarship funds in the past, as they lessened the financial burden from my undergraduate studies.  The scholarship from the Allegany County Area Foundation helped me achieve my career and educational goals, and I hope it continues to do so for future recipients for years to come.  I would like to thank the ACAF not only for the scholarship that was given to me, but also for the service you provide to our community.  Best wishes for continued success, and congratulations to future scholarship recipients!
Tim Flurschutz, WHS Class of ’06