Scholarship Winners… Past and Present – Zech Mientkiewicz

Steve & Joy’s son Zech is a Walter F. & Louisa A. Sibley Scholarship winner planning to attend Houghton College in September 2010. His brother Zekial and sister Charlean were previous Foundation scholarship winners.

Steve & Joy are very thankful for the three scholarships that have enabled their children to go to the school of their choice. They feel this will give them the best education to accomplish what they feel called to do in life.

“We’re amazed,”

says Steve,

“that this opportunity exists here in Allegany County, especially for such a poor county. These scholarships are a blessing, an inspiration and an encouragement to the families in this county.”

Joy felt touched by all this and says,

“It makes us want to become a part of it and help others. It helps me to understand that God doesn’t have favorites and helps everyone.”