Roberts Wesleyan, Houghton, SBU offer Match of ACAF Scholarships

(May 2023) For years, several New York colleges have assisted students financially through Dollars for scholars Collegiate Partners program, under which they partially matched scholarships awarded by the Allegany County Area Foundation (ACAF). When Dollars for Scholars ended the program last fall, ACAF contacted these former matching colleges and other WNY colleges and universities about setting up matches directly with the Foundation.

Among the colleges that will support Allegany County students with a match are Roberts Wesleyan University (RWU), Houghton University (HU)– both former Dollars for Scholars Collegiate Partners – and St. Bonaventure University (SBU), which continues a matching program set up directly with ACAF a few years ago.

Students using an ACAF scholarship at will receive a matching award of up to $1000 at RWU, up to $750 at Houghton, and up to $500 from SBU. The match is for bachelor’s degree study only and may be received for four years (students must re-apply each year) at RWU and HU, and for the first year of study at SBU. Students with tuition covered through other programs (e.g., ROTC, Tuition Exchange, Tuition Remission) will not be eligible.

‘We appreciate these colleges and their generous support of our local students’ Notes ACAF’s Bruce Campbell.

ACAF contacted 15 WNY colleges about setting up a match program.

ACAF awards $325,000 in scholarships annually to Allegany County Students. The online scholarship application is open each year from November through early February.