A Bridge to the Future….

A Bridge to the Future—What does that mean to you? For me it means the Allegany County Area Foundation. The Foundation is that bridge between those who have the means and those who have a need.

Bridges come in all shapes and sizes. Some bridges you barely notice and yet others are large works of art. They help you get across crevices you may not be able to cross otherwise. There beautiful bridges throughout our County, you just need to know where to look.

In the case of the Foundation, sometimes it’s a bridge to get a student a much needed scholarship. Sometimes it’s an organization trying to implement a program getting them to the right grant. And sometimes it is the bridge that helps a family find a perfect way to remember someone they lost. We have many bridges and any of our staff and Board of Directors will be happy to show you where to look.

So whether you are the one with the means or the one with the need, please come check us out. You can visit our office at Crossroads, 6087 State Route 19N, Belmont, NY or our website WWW.ALLEGANYCOUNTYAREAFOUNDATION.ORG to learn about our grants and scholarships. You may just find the Bridge to the future you’re looking for.

With deepest regards,
Lori Dzielski
ACAF Board President

For more information e-mail: director@alleganycountyareafoundation.org  or call 585-808-8444.

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