Canaseraga Central School Receives ACAF Grant

canaseraga-check-presentation-2016 The Allegany County Area foundation recently awarded a $370 grant to the Canaseraga Central School. Kristi Briggs, the computer and technology instructor, submitted a grant to help purchase the Dash and Dot robots to help introduce programing and coding to her students.

Mrs. Briggs stated, “This special robotics program will occur in three stages. At each successive stage, it will introduce new, more advanced skills that build upon the prior learning. As the challenges become more complex and their knowledge grows, interaction between students will be increased offering greater opportunity for students to practice social and communication skills.”

In the first stage the students will explore the relationship between the information they have entered into the iPad and the actions of the robot. They will master simple movements like, “go forward 3 feet and then turn right.”

In the second stage groups of two or three students of varing abilities will work collaboratively to program the robots to travel through a maze. In the third stage the students will work collaboratively to solve a challenge of their choosing such as programming the robots to: play a song on the xylophone, perform a complex dance routine, or to even draw a picture.

Sometimes students struggle to use the available robotics technology. The Dash and Dot robots will allow these students to have comparable hands-on learning opportunities that will build their STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) knowledge and skills.

The Allegany County Area Foundation holds assets of over 8 million dollars. The endowed funds continue to grow in perdash-and-dotpetuity to enrich and improve the lives of Allegany County people. If you would like more information on how you can provided a legacy of hope and good will in our community, please contact the Allegany County Area Foundation at 585-808-8444 or vi
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Pictured above are, sitting (from left): Zander Kenyon, Alexis Dinger, Jessica Osmin, and Andrew Learn. Standing: Kari Crosby (classroom teacher), Chad Groff (superintendent) and Kristi Briggs (computer teacher).