ACAF Grant Supports Cornell Cooperative Extension’s FLAVOR Project

The Allegany County Area Foundation recently presented a $600 grant to the Cornell Cooperative Extension’s Allegany County office, for the development of a 20-C (Commercial) kitchen. This new kitchen is part of the FLAVOR project, which promises to benefit Allegany County citizens in several ways.

Expected to be in place by fall, the CCE’s commercial kitchen will allow for new and increased programing. CCE Executive Director Laura Hunsberger cites expansion of their Food and Nutrition Education program (EFNEP), which promotes healthy eating and nutritional literacy, as a primary benefit. Additional youth programs through 4-H and new classes in things like food science and safety, food processing, and cooking and canning will also be possible.

In addition to serving students, the FLAVOR project will work with a variety of area non-profits and the agricultural community, including farmer’s markets. The upgraded facility will also offer Allegany County CCE the opportunity to host regional 4-H and ENFEP activities.

This grant was made through the Foundation’s Allegany Fund, which assists non-profit organizations that serve Allegany County residents. With assets of $9.2M, ACAF manages several dozen scholarship and grant funds.

If you would like to know how you can donate to or establish a fund that supports students or your community, contact the foundation’s executive director, Bruce Campbell at 585-296-5616 or

Pictured above: CCE Executive Director Laura Hunsberger and ACAF Executive Director Bruce Campbell