New Fund will Support Andover Free Library

(Jan. 2019) Established by Andover native Robert Grossman, the Fund for The Andover Free Library will provide annual support for the library’s collections, operations and facility.

A 1956 graduate of Andover Central School, Bob earned a degree in ceramic engineering from Alfred University, while working part-time at Vars’ Pharmacy. He then entered the US Army (2LT Armor) where he served for 21 years, including two tours in Viet Nam and several years in Washington DC. Retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel, Bob joined United Services Life Insurance Company, from which he retired as Vice-President of Marketing. Along the way, he earned a master’s degree and CLU and ChFC credentials.

Bob’s appreciation for the library is derived in part from his friendship with Andover’s long-time librarian, Rema Baker. “I visited her weekly all during my college years”, he recalls. “Rema had me culling books in the library for many months and I became very knowledgeable of the library.”

Andover Library Director Linda Adams notes that private support like this is vital to small public libraries, and “always put to great use. It helps keep the collection up to date, and the doors open. It’s awesome when people from Andover who have relocated still remember the community.”

Donations to the Fund for The Andover Free Library are tax deductible and can be directed to the Allegany County Area Foundation at 6087 State RD 19N, Belmont NY 14813.