Masonic Lodge #474 of Belmont, NY

Belmont, NY

William Leilous, trustee and former Master (1973) of the Masonic Lodge #474 of Belmont, NY has established on behalf of the Masonic Lodge an endowed fund with the Allegany County Area Foundation.  The fund is named the Masonic Lodge #474 Village of Belmont Clock Fund.

The Masonic Lodge #474 of Belmont applied for its charter in 1859. In 1860 Edgar Chamberlain became the first Master.  In its prime the members of the Lodge exceeded over one hundred persons. About twenty years ago the membership began dispersing across the country and the Lodge activity slowed and eventually ceased altogether.

William Leilous has secured the remaining treasury funds during that period of reduced activity. Recently, after consultation with Wes Cline, Master from 2004 to 2011; they determined that it was the appropriate time to establish a fund that would provide in perpetuity the means to care for and maintain the four sided clock located in First Responder’s Park in the Village of Belmont, NY.  The Masonic Lodge had purchased the clock and donated it to the Village of Belmont. The East Bay Clock Company installed the clock in 2010. Near the clock is a plaque which names the Masters that had served at the Lodge.

This fund is designated for the purpose of maintaining the operation and appearance of the clock and the plaque in the agreement with the Allegany County Area Foundation. The agreement designates the mayor of the Village of Belmont as the contact person. The Village of Belmont appointee will submit an invoice to the foundation in the event repairs are needed. The foundation will reimburse the Village for this cost.

In the event that the clock ceases to exist sometime in the future the second designation is listed as the Masonic Brotherhood Inc. of New York State.