Stephen V. Ambroselli Scholar Incentive Fund

Ambroselli2Stephen V. Ambroselli
Scholar Incentive Fund

1960 Belmont High School graduate Stephen V. Ambroselli has established a scholarship fund with the Allegany County Area Foundation for $125,000.00.  Mr. Ambroselli grew up in Belmont, New York. He has fond memories of those years and especially remembers the dedicated teachers in the community. After high school Mr. Ambroselli attended St. Bonaventure University graduating in 1964. He served as an artillery officer with the 11th Armored Calvary Regiment in Vietnam as a ground and air forward observer and a fire direction officer. He was commissioned through ROTC at St. Bonaventure. Since 1969 he has worked as a financial advisor in Buffalo, NY. Stephen and his wife Jean live in Snyder, NY. They have one son, Mark and his wife Christina and their two children reside in Houston, TX. Mr. Ambroselli enjoys golf, tennis and fly fishing and frequently returns to fish on the Genesee River in Allegany

The new endowed fund will provide an annual, $5,000.00 award one-time per student who has graduated from Genesee Valley Central School and is enrolled at St. Bonaventure University. In the event there is not a qualifying student from the Genesee Valley school district; a student may be chosen from Allegany County at large. The agreement further identifies Cattaraugus County students as potential candidates if there are no students who meet the initial geographic requirements.

Mr. Ambroselli offered this scholarship with the hope that a deserving student will benefit from his dual objective of providing some financial aid to a Genesee Valley High School student who is serious about pursuing higher education at St. Bonaventure and that he or she will be a contributing member of society. In addition, he wishes to encourage others to consider creating philanthropic gifts for the same purpose.