Richburg-Wirt Historical Society Receives Funds

Richburg-Wirt Historical Society CheckRichburg  – Carolyn Miller, President of the Allegany County Area Foundation Board of Directors, presented a check for $4,021.40 to the Richburg-Wirt Historical Society. This money is from the earnings of the Richburg-Wirt Historical Society Endowment Fund which is held and managed by the Allegany County Area Foundation. This fund was created by Francis G. and Beatrice S. Bartoo. Their vision, tireless efforts and financial support made the Richburg-Wirt Historical Society and Museum a reality back in 2001. The earnings from this endowment fund will benefit this organization for many years to come. Melanie Johnston, President, said, “This money will be added to our building project fund.”

Inside this unique museum visitors will find many items that will help to bring the history of Richburg alive. These include such items as a working model of a drilling well built by LaVerne Jordan. Did you know that back in 1881 Richburg became an oil “boom town” after an investor group drilled a well on the Reading Farm. That well produced 70 barrels on the first day. Within ten months of drilling that successful well there were 7,000 people living in Richburg.

Visitors will also find the original sign from the Richardson Inn built back in 1882 on the corner of Park Row and Main Street. There is even an old gum ball machine on display which was invented in Richburg in 1918 by Rev. Wallace Mason. This museum is filled with many, many more interesting artifacts from the past.

The museum is located at 243 Main Street (the former Seventh Day Baptist Church) in Richburg, NY. It is open to the public: March through June and September through November on Wednesdays from 9am to 3pm. In July and August it is open on Saturdays from 9am-3pm. It is closed December through February. For more information about the museum please call 585-928-9478.

The Allegany County Area Foundation holds assets near 8 million dollars and continues to add new funds each year. The endowed funds continue to grow in perpetuity to enrich and improve the lives of Allegany County people. This year the Foundation awarded $237,800 in scholarships alone. If you would like more information on how you can provided a legacy of hope and good will in our community, please contact the Allegany County Area Foundation at 585-808-8444 or visit their web site at:

In the picture (L to R): Alice Dunbar, Secretary; Betty Webb, Vice President; Carolyn Miller, President of the Allegany County Area Foundation Board of Directors; Melanie Johnston, President; Pearl Coyle, member; and John Dunbar, Trustee.