Leaving a Legacy….

lori-dzielskiDear Friends,          holly-divider

Leaving a Legacy….The greatest gift the founding fathers of the Allegany County Area Foundation gave to all of us in Allegany County and surrounding area is the opportunity to leave a Legacy.

We have grown significantly since those early days and so have the number of funds in memory of someone we lost. They say that as long as those stories and memories are passed on, they are never really gone. So that must be true in the case of donors such as Belva A Waite, whose stories are still told as the Scholarship season grows near. As you listen to those who knew her, as they tell of how giving and caring she was, you know she was truly someone you would love to be able to stop by to visit and give a hug to. The fact that we have so many such funds, amazes me every day. A glance though the list of our funds brings to the forefront memories of those who will live on though us.

Before my introduction to the Foundation, I saw young people struggle with how to pay for a college education. I continue to see that struggle even today, so knowing that I am part of something that can help lift the burden from young people and their parents as they prepare to take on their future brings me great joy. Not only are we able to help with furthering their education, but at various times throughout their lives, they will most likely be involved with something in the community touched by the Foundation. The grants we are able to give to many entities and organizations, pay forward someone’s Legacy allowing many people to be touched by that initial gift. No matter how large or small the gift or the passion, we have a way to remember those loved ones. I think of the special people in my own life that I have lost and as I give a gift in their memory I believe that they are looking upon me with love and a smile, knowing they are remembered.

I feel honored that I am working along side the staff, board and volunteers of a wonderful organization that has such a positive impact on so many people throughout our area. My greatest hope is that we continue to grow, touching as many lives as possible in a positive way and in the tradition of our founding fathers, Leave a Legacy! 

acaf bridgeLori Dzielski
ACAF Board President
(For more information call 585-808-8444 or e-mail: director@alleganycountyareafoundation.org.)