The Allegany County Area Foundation Supports Workshop Hosted by the Maple City Barbershop Chorus

Maple City Barbershop Chorus #2Alfred-Almond, May 10, 2014 – The Allegany County Area Foundation awarded a $300 grant to the Maple City Barbershop Chorus to host a Youth In Harmony Workshop at the Alfred-Almond Central School on May 10th.The event was a one day Youth In Harmony workshop where nineteen students, three music educators, a workshop coordinator, and teaching quartet came together to learn the words and music to two songs. This was accomplished using the teaching quartet (‘Shoptimus Prime) and music educators to make the students familiar with the music, then breaking out into section practice (tenor, lead, baritone bass) to memorize the music. The group then reassembled to fine tune the four parts and add the emotional aspect of selling a song to the audience.

During the course of the day lunch and dinner was provided with the help of Maple City Chorus members transporting food, setting up, cleaning up, and coordinating the distribution of the meals. Barbershop TAGS were also taught during the day, and a Barbershop Idol contest was conducted to determine which quartet, generated from within the students, would sing on the evening show. The day was capped off by having the student chorus and Barbershop Idol Winner Quartet perform during the Annual Show of the Maple City Chorus entitled “BRAND NEW DAY”.

John Schoonover, a member of the Maple City Barbershop Chorus, said this workshop was a great success. One of the teacher participants stated on his evaluation survey, “The students had a great big smile on their faces as they left the event, and I know they will continue to use the skills and songs they learned today.”One of the student participants stated, “Thank you so much! You helped me to grow as a musician and I am so grateful. I would love to have more opportunities like this!” Another stated, “ Thank you for this experience! It has broadened my musical knowledge and I have learned different techniques for singing. It was also a lot of fun to sing with a group of people with passion for music and learning.”

For more information about the Maple City Barbershop Chorus please contact, John Schoonover at 585-593-1299. They also have a web site at:

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In the above picture:  Denis Dahlgren, Executive Director of the Allegany County Area Foundation; John Schoonover, member of the Maple City Barbershop Chorus.