The Alfred Box of Books Library Receives ACAF Grant

alfred-box-of-books-2016The Allegany County Area Foundation recently awarded an $800 grant to the Alfred Box of Books Library. This money will be used to help fund their Circulating STEMaker Kits Program.

Director Melanie A. Miller said, “Our goal is to create four kits that can be checked out by families to use and explore at home. Each kit will contain books, games, toys and hands-on activities for a given theme. We will create kits for robotics, coding, engineering and math.”

The library also plans to purchase some small technology that can easily be stored when not in use. These items would include a 3Doodler which allows users to draw 3D objects and a Makey Mackey which is an electronic activity kit that allows students to invent and create using software. They will also purchase a Sphero SPRK+, a robot that allows students to use apps to code instructions. The children will be able to create obstacle courses and navigate their robot through it.

The purchase of these technology items will allow the library to provide programs and services in a creative and innovative way. It will also allow for students and their families to engage in STEM fields together at home.

The Alfred Box of Books library is located at 1 West University Street in Alfred, NY. For more information about this library, please visit their web site at:

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In the picture above (L to R): Denis Dahlgren, ACAF Executive Director and Melanie A. Miller, Alfred Box of Books Library Director).