Serra Building donated to the Allegany County Area Foundation


The building and property at 25 Schuyler Street in Belmont, NY has been donated to the Allegany County Area Foundation by Mrs. Anne H. Serra of Cuba, NY. The office building was built by Mrs. Serra’s husband, Wesley and his brother William Serra in 1958 for their law practice. The building continued to be used as a law office up to the recent past by Wesley Serra and Patricia Fogarty whose names still remain on the door.

At the present time, the Foundation is considering reselling the building and using the proceeds to support an endowed fund. Officially, no decision has been made as to the disposition of the building. Please contact the office for further information at 585.610.0971.

Since 1983 the Foundation has been dedicated to the Allegany County area and focused on social, cultural, educational and economic improvements for all citizens. The Board of Directors is grateful to the Serra family for their recent gift.

Mrs. Anne H. Serra attends a luncheon at the Fountain Bistro in thanks for her  assistance with the establishment of the John C. Robertson and Flora S. Whiteman Scholarship Fund. The luncheon was attended by Duff Serra, Terri, Ross, county treasurer, several Board members and staff.