SPCA Receives Proceeds from Endowment


SPCA photo

Lynda Pruski, at left, a board member of the SPCA Serving Allegany County, holds a check representing the disbursement of earnings from the SPCA’s endlowment fund, which is managed by the Allegany County Area Foundation. SPCA Shelter Manager Anthony DeMoss, at right, holds Chex, one of the cats that the agency has available for adoption

WELLSVILLE, N.Y., JANUARY 16, 2012—The Allegany County Area Foundation presented a check for a little over $450 to the SPCA Serving Allegany County Friday afternoon at the SPCA’s shelter. The check represented the earnings from the SPCA’s endowment fund, which is held and managed by the Foundation.

“It’s good to have long-range funds that we know we can count on for future generations of animals” said Deb Wright, the SPCA’s president, “We’ve had 100 years and we hope to have another 100, so this is a legacy for the animals.”

“The Foundation is pleased to distribute these earnings,” said Doug Roorbach, executive director of the Foundation, “The SPCA’s endowment fund, while modest in size, provides a reliable source of funds each year to help meet their basic operating needs.”

The SPCA’s endowment fund had a market value of more than $12,500 last year. An end-of-the-year joint mailing by the two organizations brought in more than $1,000 in donations for the fund. Those gifts, along with the continued recovery of the stock market, will make next year’s disbursement even larger, according to Roorbach.

Lynda Pruski, who serves on the organization’s board of directors, said that they might add the money to a building fund, or could use it to make repairs on some doors in their shelter which were damaged recently by some dogs living at the shelter. She said the SPCA is working with some students from Alfred State College to repair the doors.