2012-13 Accomplishments and New Funds

  • Increased assets in portfolio to 7.5 million dollars.
  • Implemented Donor Database(Little Green Light).
  • Strengthened Local Partnerships.
  • Initiated Events for public. White House Christmas Card Display and Receptions.
  • Advanced communication through social media.
  • Added non-endowed funds policy
  • Updated grants policy to include grant cycles
 New Funds:
•Robertson-Whiteman Memorial Scholarship
•Stephen V. Ambroselli Scholar Incentive Fund
•Highway Superintendents’ Non-Endowed Fund
•Cuba Legacy Fund and Cuba Toys for Kids
•Millicent non-endowed fund (General Scholarships)
•Dr. Robert G. Hutter Memorial Scholarship
•Ian Bole Memorial Scholarship Fund
•Mary Lou Canessa Memorial Scholarship